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VW Jetta GLX Wagon - Autotrader - When the rear seat is folded, I am still comfortable. With the seats down, I was able to fit furniture inside (kitchen table and chairs) when I was moving. Especially the screwed up rear mounted timing chain that requires the transmission to be removed for this otherwise simple repair on a "Normal" car. I'm at 117,000 miles and and getting ready to trade in for a Honda. Volkswagen has long sold a wagon version of the Jetta/Golf either known as a Bora or Golf. The shift action of the five-speed manual transmission with the VR6 felt. for the powertrain warranty, which is now transferable to second owners.

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals I purchased a 2001 jetta gls 2.0 and this has been the worst car i have purchased. a week after buying it with 98000 miles the transmission started tweaking and is costing me rougy 2900 just to replace without the fact that its starting to get a lifter tick that was estimated 00. It is fun to drive though, so I will miss that after the trade in. Also increases gas mileage if you use the greatly enhanced torque to your advantage. The Jetta Turbo gas model performs well, has comfortable seating, excellent Monsoon sound system, great sports suspension, and rates the safest of any auto on the Consumer Reports/NHTSA crash tests: 5 star head on and 4 star side crash. It's very costly to repair and once it breaks down once will break down multiple times in a year. Workshop Repair and Service Manuals volkswagen All Models Free Online. L4-2.0L ABA 1996 GL L4-2.0L ABA 2001 ยท GLX L4-2.0L ABA 2001.

Volkswagen Jetta Oil Change 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002. That includes a few new rims and tires because it does not handle pot holes too well! Fit and finish is superb for a car in this class; the interior will shame any Asian or American car in this category. Volkswagen Jetta Oil Change Changing the oil on your 2.0L Mk4 Jetta. This is the jacking location as stated in the owner's manual. It is helpful, but.

Volkswagen Jetta Warning Reviews - Top 10 Problems ive never driven a car that runs at 4000 rpms on the hhway.. i am selling as is or taking it to the junkyard and buying myself a reliable honda! I fure I've put about k into the car on repairs over the years, with only about k being normal scheduled maintenance. I bought the car with the intention of making it into a hardcore sporty sedan with a minimum investment and it has delivered in spades! Reviews From Owners Of The 2001 Volkswagen Jetta. performance. Wish they had glx vr6 for 03, but discontinued. I have the 2.0 with a 5 speed manual.

Volkswagen Jetta Repair Service and Maintenance Cost I hope the dealer doesn't take it for a drive before proposing a trade in value. Transmission is very smooth and very precise if upgrade the shifter, which I did. Check res, learn about typical 2001 Volkswagen Jetta repairs and maintenance costs and find an. Repair Estimates. Reverse Gear Failures and/or Noise From Manual Transmission. I have a 01 jetta vr6 replaced camshaft sensor.

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