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Uninstall Novell Client silently – [email protected] Novell Client 4.9 for Windows NT/2000/XP Novell Client 4.9 SP1 for Windows NT/2000/XP Novell Client Silent Uninstall Options How do I silently uninstall the Novell Client? Uninstalling the 4.90 and newer clients will also launch an NMAS uninstall (if NMAS was installed along with the Novell client). The Novell client is simply kicking off whatever "Uninstall" method was registered in the NMAS client's Add/Remove Programs entry. EXE".) This application does not support "silent" mode at this time. Uninstall Novell Client silently. For the Novell piece specifiy, I found another VB Script that will remove the client for XP and 7 alike.

VBScript to automatiy remove a Novell client and save. How to remove the NMAS client While Novell does not supply an uninstall program for the Novell Client, you can use SETUPW2K. The 4.90 client also introduced the Add/Remove Programs uninstall item, which provides an alternate command line for uninstalling the Novell client: However, this approach results in one additional prompt ("Are you sure you want to...") in addition to the NMAS concern described above. VBScript to automatiy remove a Novell client. "%WINDIR%\system32\NetWare. 6 Responses to “VBScript to automatiy remove a.

Uninstall client services for netware - Windows XP I know this has been asked countless times, but I don't see NEtware Client Services anywhere in my network connections. Csnw; Uninstall Client for Netware; How to uninstall Client Services for NetWare on Windows; Client service for netware uninstall from xp; Win xp shut down menu default

How to uninstall Netware Client Service? - Windows XP I've looked in properties, advanced, options, remove software, everywhere that I could think of, and I still have not found Netware Client Services. How to uninstall Netware Client Service? Grassyfilth May 23, 2013, PM. How do you uninstall client services for netware to get the features ed fast;

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