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Etherwave Plus Kit Moog Music Inc At the CW extreme it should have a brhter, sharper attack and at CCW the volume should increase smooty and slowly as you draw your hand away from the volume antenna. For full assembly instructions download both the Etherwave Assembly. Tripod Mic Stand fits Etherwave and Etherwave Plus Theremins-the ideal way to mount.

Setting up and playing the moog etherwave ® I was unable, however, to get the pitch circuit to work to my liking using their instructions. Antenna controls pitch, while movement of the left hand toward the volume antenna controls loudness or volume. The Moog ETHERWAVE theremin is powered.

Etherwave Plus Moog Music Inc Eventually I developed my own method, which I thought was worth sharing... The Etherwave Plus has all the great features and tone of our standard Etherwave theremin. The “Plus” makes it an ideal controller and performance instrument

<em>Etherwave</em> <em>Plus</em> Kit <em>Moog</em> Music Inc
Setting up and playing the <b>moog</b> <b>etherwave</b> ®
<b>Etherwave</b> <b>Plus</b> <b>Moog</b> Music Inc
Tuning the <i>Moog</i> <i>Etherwave</i> <i>Theremin</i> - Wolin Labs
<em>Moog</em> <em>Etherwave</em> <em>Theremin</em> <em>Plus</em> - First View - YouTube
<em>Etherwave</em> <em>Theremin</em> Standard <em>Moog</em> Music Inc
<em>Manual</em> - <em>Moog</em> Music
<b>Etherwave</b>® <b>Plus</b> Field Upgrade

Moog etherwave theremin plus manual:

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