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BMW E46 DIY Do It Yourself Check and make sure no o-rings remain inside the transmission pump housing. Remove and clean the oil pan and the magnet inside the oil pan. Replacing Your Differential Fluid · Rear Brake Pad. Manual Transmission Fluid Change · Front Brake Pad Replacement. More Maintenance - BMW E46 DIY.

BMW E46 325xi 330xi Transmission Fluid Change - RM European Even though BMW claims that transmission fluid in BMW E46 is a life-time fill and doesn't need to be changed I hy recommend changing it by 100K miles and preferably sooner. This fluid change was performed on a 2002 BMW 325xi with A5S 390R transmission so the procedure will be the same on any BMW 2001-2005 325xi or 330xi. Run the transmission through the gears and let the oil warm up. Oil temperature should be between 30-50 degrees Celsius prior to closing the fill plug. DIY article on replacing automatic transmission fluid in 2001-2005 BMW E46 325xi or 330xi with A5S 390R GM transmission.

BMW DIY Video - How to change Manual Transmission Fluid on E46. A5S 390R is a GM transmission so it uses Dexron VI fluid. Torque the bolts in order going all the way around the pan, not in a diagonal sequence. Torque the fill plug to 18Nm and turn off the engine. Step by step instructions for changing Manual Transmission Fluid. BMW E46 3 Series 1999-2005. 2002 330i Manual Transmission.

BMW E46 Manual Transmission Fluid Replacement BMW 325i. Remove the transmission drain plug and drain the fluid. The manual and SMG transmissions are filled with manual transmission fluid, while. If you're unsure of the last service, replace the fluid as soon as possible.

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