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Products - Smatech, Inc. ISL’s story began nearly 34 years ago when a of engineers and scientists in the North of France, in the heart of the country’s petrochemical industry, began developing automatic instruments for use in the petroleum industry. The ISL FP93 5G2 Series combines automated operation and leading flash point sensing technology to greatly increase a users laboratory productivity while.

Jenna Choe LinkedIn Their facility, and the location, turned out to be an excellent proving ground for research and development of their new instrumentation. Manual testing and validation efforts made across multiple platforms including. o Flash Point – ISL FP93 5G2. o Dissolved Water by K. F. – ISL KFP 5G2

PAC Herzog OptiFlash Pensky-Martens flash point instrument The most famous of these new instruments was the Automatic Atmospheric Distillation ASTM D86 and the CPP 97, Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Analyzer, introduced in the early ’80s. Time doing manual tasks like installing the flash point and temperature sensors. the Herzog HFP 339, Herzog HFP 360 and ISL FP93 5G2.

Pac lab instruments overview - Addtech Petroleum ISL by PAC is a global provider of scientific apparatus and instruments for testing petroleum and petrochemical products in the lab and online. HFP 339. Herzog HFP 360. ISL. FP 93 5G2. Herzog. HFP 380. ISL. FP925G2. Herzog. HFP 364. Herzog. Viscometer. Houillon. Manual Viscometer. Bath.

Tag Closed Cup Tester - ROFA SLOVENSKO, spol. s ro More than 20 automatic analyzers bearing the ISL brand are recognized for increasing test precision, boosting laboratory efficiency and reducing costs. FP56 5G2. ISL's FP 56 5G2 brings safe, precise Tag flash point testing to your lab workflow with a conveniently compact desn engineered for ultimate ease of.

FP92 5G2 - Ponto de Fulgor Cleveland - Pensalab By the mid 1970s, several quality instruments had been developed and were being marketed in Europe. O FP92 5G2 é um equipamento compacto e de fácil operação, possuindo recursos excelentes para que o ensaio de Ponto de Fulgor Vaso Aberto seja.

FP93 5G2 Automated Flash Point Pensky Martens Closed Cup. It was during this period in 1975, that the ATPEM Trademark was born. The ISL FP93 5G2 Series combines automated operation and leading flash. an alarm warns the operator and he has just to lht the flame manually at the.

FP92 5G2 PAC ISL's FP92 5G2 combines leading flash point technology with user friendly automation in a conveniently compact desn, which boosts your laboratory's.

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