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SAMPLE CROSS-CONNECTION CONTROL PROGRAM Fire protection line - Double detector check valve; 4. Devices that offer a greater degree of protection may be required by the Public Works Director, depending on the specific application. All backflow prevention devices shall be tested by a certified cian immediately after installation of the device. At least once per year, it will be the duty of the customer/user at any premises where any backflow prevention devices are installed to have a certified test made of these devices. Cross Connection Control Committee, Pacific Northwest Section AWWA Manual of Accepted Procedure and Practices. Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control AWWA Manual M14. Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations, Section 11.1.2 (Hazardous Cross Connections). This Policy addresses Article 12 of the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations. Colorado Cross-Connection Control Manual; Corporate Discount Books.

Backflow incidents - PAWSD!

Backflow incidents - PAWSD! It is the intent of the City Council to protect the municipal water system from contamination or pollution by backflow from an owner’s internal distribution system or private water system, and to provide for the maintenance of a continuing program of cross-connection control, which will systematiy prevent the contamination or pollution of the municipal water system. 1989-1 § 1(A): prior code § 18-81) Definitions of terms used in this chapter are those contained in the Colorado Department of Health Cross Connection Manual. Domestic or general service tap for buildings four stories hh or hher - Reduced pressure zone backflow preventer; 3. Craft said the school, three miles west of Bailey~ on US. 285 will remain. Chapter 14 - Page 95. Colorado Cross-Connection Control Manual - August 2004.

Chapter 13.16 <em>CROSS</em>-<em>CONNECTION</em> <em>CONTROL</em> AND BACKFLOW.

Chapter 13.16 CROSS-CONNECTION CONTROL AND BACKFLOW. Domestic or general service tap for buildings up to three stories hh - Double check valve; 2. Definitions of terms used in this chapter are those contained in the Colorado Department of Health Cross Connection Manual. Ord. 1989-1 § 1 B prior code.

<strong>Cross</strong>-<strong>Connection</strong> <strong>Control</strong> Program City of Manitou Springs

Cross-Connection Control Program City of Manitou Springs This rht of entry shall be a condition of water service in order to provide assurance that the health, safety and welfare of water consumers throughout the city’s service area is adequately protected. Service shall not be restored until such conditions or defects are corrected. Discontinuation of water service may be summary, immediate and without written notice whenever, in the judgment of the Public Works Director, such action is necessary to protect the purity of the public potable water supply or the safety of the water system and/or customers. A backflow prevention device installed at each point of cross-connection prevents. 12 referenced above and the Colorado Cross-Connection Control Manual.


BackflowPreventionAssemblyTester Testing and recordkeeping shall conform to Sections and of this chapter. All costs for the desn, installation, maintenance, repair and testing of backflow prevention devices shall be borne by the customer/owner. In those specific instances where the Public Works Director deems the hazard great enough, certified inspections may be required at more frequent intervals. A backflow prevention device shall be repaired or replaced, as necessary, at the expense of the customer/user when the device is found to be defective. All customers/owners shall maintain copies of all tests, and records of all repairs or replacements of backflow prevention devices, and shall provide a copy of each such document to the Public Works Director of the city. The certified cian who performs the test shall obtain a test permit number from the Public Works Director for all tests, and the number must appear on all forms related thereto. All backflow prevention devices shall be sealed by the certified cian performing the test at the completion of the test. The Public Works Department retains the rht to test or otherwise inspect the installation and operation of any backflow prevention device, whenever deemed necessary by the Public Works Director. 1989-1 § 1 (E): prior code § 18-85) The customer/owner shall safely store, and keep readily available at the subject premises, a copy of all correspondence with the city regarding backflow prevention findings or requirements, as well as all test reports and maintenance records of any backflow prevention devices covered by this chapter for a period of at least three (3) years after the date of any such correspondence, test report or record. 1989-1 § 1 (H): prior code § 18-88) The Public Works Department representative assned to inspect premises relative to possible hazards shall carry proper credentials reflecting his/her authority, and upon exhibiting such credentials he/she shall have the rht to enter during usual business hours and inspect any backflow prevention device and inspect all buildings and premises for cross-connections in the performance of his/her duties. Failure of the customer/owner to cooperate in the installation, maintenance, testing or inspection of backflow prevention devices required by this chapter shall be grounds for the discontinuation of water service to the premises. Water service to any premises may be discontinued by the Public Works Department, after written notification, if unprotected cross-connections exist on the premises or if any defect is found in an installed backflow prevention device, or if a backflow prevention device has been removed or bypassed. Manual of Cross Connection Control, Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research, University of Southern California. Cross Connection Control Manual, Colorado Department of Health, 4210 E. Manual of Cross-Connection Control, 9th Edition, Foundation for. Association, 6666 West Quincy Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80235, Phone 800-926-7337.

Requirements for Back-flow Device Installation and. - City of Rifle

Requirements for Back-flow Device Installation and. - City of Rifle 9th Edition, Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research, University of Southern California, KAP-200 University Park MC-2531, Los Angeles, California 90089-2531, Phone: 213-740-2032. Drinking Water Regulations, as promulgated and approved by the Colorado. Colorado Department of Health Cross Connection Control Manual means a.

<b>Cross</b>-<b>Connection</b> <b>Control</b> and Backflow Prevention. - Denver Water

Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention. - Denver Water Responsibilities of Public Works and Building Department. The Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations PDF document Section 11.39 outline Denver Water's requirements for cross-connection control and.

<i>Cross</i> <i>Connection</i> <i>Control</i> and Backflow Prevention Program.

Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program. Nov 3, 2015. Why do water suppliers need to control cross-connections and protect. Where can I get more information about cross-connection control and backflow prevention. of the American Water Works Association's AWWA's Manual M14. Quincy Avenue; Denver, Colorado 80235; telephone 800-926-7337.

Chapter 13.10 WATER SYSTEM; <strong>CROSS</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> AND.

Chapter 13.10 WATER SYSTEM; CROSS CONNECTIONS AND. CROSS CONNECTION CONTROL; GENERAL POLICY. AGENCY The city of Yuma, Colorado, which is vested with the authority and responsibility of the. OF HEALTH CROSS CONNECTION CONTROL MANUAL A manual.

<i>Cross</i>-<i>Connection</i> <i>Control</i> Program - City of Montrose


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