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Manual PDF Manual Man specializes in amateur radio, audio, and radio-related manuals primarily from manufacturers who no longer support certain older equipment models or from manufacturers who no longer exist. For all HQ-l40-X receivers No. 849 and below make the following change Resistor R35 is 820K ohms Hammarlund Part No. 19309-103 instead of 180K ohms.

Hammarlund HQ-180A Receiver - Manual Man always recommends you check the availability of needed manuals from the orinal equipment manufacturer first. The Hammarlund HQ-180A general coverage receiver tunes from 540 to 30000 kHz in six ranges.54-1.05, 1.05-2.05. View more manuals and documents

Hammarlund Manuals An orinal manual on a complex piece of electronic equipment (with multi-layer boards, path layouts, complex schematics, color layer identification, etc.) is always easier to read than a replication. Hammarlund Model FM-1 Transceiver Operation & Maintenance Manual. 26.00. Hammarlund HQ-150 Receiver Manual. 18.00. Hammarlund HQ-180 Issue 1.

Hammarlund HQ-180 Service Manual - American Radio History If the manufacturer can no longer supply the information you need, Manual Man would be happy to serve you. THE HAMMARLUND 180 AND 180-A SERIES OF. COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVERS. CONTENTS OF INSTRUCTION AND SERVICE MANUAL. Specifications.

Manual Man Manual Man specializes in vintage manuals for amateur radio, audio, and radio-related equipment. ManualMan provides hh quality amateur radio,audio,test equipment and audio-related manuals primarily from manufactureres who no longer support certain.

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<i>Hammarlund</i> HQ-<i>180</i> Service <i>Manual</i> - American Radio History
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