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Hsn-issue 13-25- Navy Radio Page Manual Man specializes in amateur radio, audio, and radio-related manuals primarily from manufacturers who no longer support certain older equipment models or from manufacturers who no longer exist. For example, Bill tells me that he picked up a Hammarlund HQ–150 a few years. 180 MANUAL SUPPLEMENT I have written a nine page HQ-180 Series.

Hammarlund Manuals Manual Man always recommends you check the availability of needed manuals from the orinal equipment manufacturer first. Hammarlund Model FM-1 Transceiver Operation & Maintenance Manual. 26.00. Hammarlund HQ-150 Receiver Manual. 18.00. Hammarlund HQ-180 Issue 1.

Hammarlund HQ-180 Service Manual - American Radio History An orinal manual on a complex piece of electronic equipment (with multi-layer boards, path layouts, complex schematics, color layer identification, etc.) is always easier to read than a replication. THE HAMMARLUND 180 AND 180-A SERIES OF. COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVERS. CONTENTS OF INSTRUCTION AND SERVICE MANUAL. Specifications.

Hammarlund Manufacturing Co - n7tgb If the manufacturer can no longer supply the information you need, Manual Man would be happy to serve you. The founder of the Hammarlund Manufacturing Co. Oscar Hammarlund was. The Hammarlund receiver line of the HQ-100, 110, 145, 170 and 180 had.

HQ-180 - Radio Reprints Will be removed (as best as possible) from the orinal before a replication will be made. Hammarlund HQ-180 issue 2 manual, reprint. hq18014238 bytes. This is a ditally copied and enhanced manual for the Hammarlund HQ-180 issue 2.

Hammarlund HQ-180 Hammarlund PRO-310 - Manual Man specializes in vintage manuals for amateur radio, audio, and radio-related equipment. General Coverage Communications Receiver, Rating 1-5 HHHHH 5. Made In United States 1959-1962, Voltages 105-125 VAC 50/60 Hz. Coverage 540.

Manual Man Dital hh quality and readable replications are always Manual Man's specialty. All manuals are prepared to look "like new." This means that all markings, notes, hand-drawn pictures, etc. ManualMan provides hh quality amateur radio,audio,test equipment and audio-related manuals primarily from manufactureres who no longer support certain.

AF4K BA Directory - Hammarlund Hammarlund Historian - Manuals Online - Some are available for downloading. Others have. comments. Hammarlund HQ-180AC - a later receiver from 1966.

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