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National Electrical Contractors Association Washington DC. Candels’ material pricing is updated weekly (or more often as needed) and is derived from a few sources such as Net Pricer and several large chain material suppliers. NECA Manual of Labor Units MLU 2015-16. Download and listen to our free webinar from July 21 to learn how to get the most from your meetings with your.

Cable Tray Manual - Cooper Industries Candels prices each job individually after reviewing all project documentation. As we all know, bid dates, especially on larger jobs are subject to change, so we can generally accommodate even the quickest turnaround times, sometimes even in the same day, depending on the size of the project. The B-Line series Cable Tray Manual was produced by our cal staff. We recognize the. /hr per NECA labor units. installation labor, equipment and material may be up to. maximum free flow of air, dissipating heat produced in.

Requests for complimentary copies must be received by. - NECA Candels issues an Estimating Agreement for each job so that you will know your up front your cost for doing the estimate. Ask us how you can save up to 20% on your next estimate. Candels likes to deliver your project at least a day or two before it bids, giving you plenty of time to review it and put your bid together. The 2015-2016 Edition of the NECA Manual of Labor Units is now. I am interested in learning more about the MLU electronic download.

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